Hammond RT-3 Organ & Leslie Speaker

Hammond RT-3 Organ & Leslie Speaker

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1 owner 1963 Hammond Rt3 organ & leslie speaker.  

This organ has never been on the road or used commercially. The  original factory mahogany finish  was meticuloulsy cared for by the previous owners housekeeper. 

The organ played perfectly upon arrival to our warehouse. 

Here is a small list of maitnance & rehab that has been done to ensure another 50 years of trouble free use.

1. We reconditioned the internatl  preamp inside the organ.

2. We reconditioned leslie amplifier  amplifier in the leslie and added some new tubes. 

3. Leslie motors have beed oiled and lubed. 

4  Reconditioning of the pedal solo unit. 

5.  15 inch speaker reconed  with original jensen f15ll 


Many more parts have been upgraded to guarantee satisfaction.